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How To Activate Lapis Lazuli

So you’ve got your hands on a beautiful piece of lapis lazuli—perhaps a tumbled stone, a piece of jewelry, or a raw gem. Its deep blue color and golden pyrite inclusions mesmerize you, right? Well, let me tell you, this isn’t just another decorative piece; it’s a gateway to an entirely different realm of spirituality and healing. Ready to roll? Let’s find out how to activate lapis lazuli to make the most of its mind-blowing metaphysical properties.

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What Does It Mean to Activate Lapis Lazuli?

Activation vs. Dormancy

Lapis lazuli isn’t just another semi-precious stone; it’s a living entity with dormant healing properties waiting to be awakened. Imagine it as a mystical reservoir of energy, currently asleep and in need of a gentle nudge to come to life. That nudge, my dear friend, is what we call activation.

Also Known as ‘Awakening’ Your Crystal

It’s not just semantics—awakening your lapis stone aligns perfectly with the concept of activation. We’re literally waking up this stunning piece of Earth so it can interact with our energies more actively. It’s like forming a two-way communication channel with the lapis lazuli, enriching your life with its profound impact.

Lapis lazuli activation

The Essence of Lapis Lazuli

Physical Properties

We all know lapis lazuli stone for its striking deep blue color, often sprinkled with golden flecks of pyrite. It’s a metamorphic rock that has enchanted humanity for centuries.

Metaphysical Properties

In the world of spirituality, the meaning of lapis lazuli goes beyond aesthetics. This blue stone is famous for activating the third eye and throat chakras, providing a direct line to your intuition and enhancing your ability to communicate with both the physical and spiritual realms.

Unique Benefits and Uses

What sets lapis apart is its multifaceted metaphysical portfolio. From balancing your third eye chakra to enhancing your psychic abilities and fostering inner peace, the benefits are truly magical.

Difference Between Activation, Cleansing, and Charging Crystals

What is Activation?

Activation is the initial process of aligning your lapis lazuli stone with your personal energy field, effectively turning it on for metaphysical use. This should not be confused with cleansing lapis lazuli, which removes any negative energy it may have picked up before reaching you.

What is Cleansing?

To cleanse your lapis lazuli is to purify it, removing any negativity and making it a blank canvas for your intentions. This is usually the first step before you activate lapis lazuli.

What is Charging?

Charging lapis lazuli is all about energizing it post-activation, refilling its energetic reserves. Picture it as giving your stone a booster shot of metaphysical espresso.

Enhancing the Power of Lapis Lazuli

Once activated, maintaining the energy level of your lapis stone is crucial for its efficacy. To enhance its power, regular charging and mindful engagement are essential. Whether you place your lapis lazuli on a crystal grid or wear lapis lazuli jewelry, active involvement amplifies its potency.

Traditional Activation: Timeless Wisdom from Our Ancestors

Stories and Legends

Long before crystal therapy was a thing, ancient tribes were already hip to the lapis game. Would you believe people used to travel to the ocean and strike their lapis stones against rocks to activate them?

Ancient Tribes and Their Practices

Tales from ancient Egypt often feature lapis lazuli as a stone of the gods, its deep blue color as captivating as the night sky. Not just decorative, but the ancient Egyptians recognized the lapis lazuli’s healing properties, a sacred link to higher realms.

Ocean Pilgrimages and Striking Against Rocks

The elemental dance between Earth and water is significant here. Our ancestors took their lapis stones on pilgrimages to the ocean, striking them against rocks as part of an activation ritual. Can you just feel the incredible energy?

Traditional lapis lazuli activation

Modern Lapis Lazuli Activation Methods

Intention: Pre-Activation Preparation

Before jumping straight into the activation process, we need to prepare the space. How, you ask? Let’s start by cleansing the room of any negative energy, maybe using some feng shui tips to enhance the atmosphere. Make sure you also cleanse your lapis lazuli crystals before you start. A soft cloth can be used for the physical cleaning, while other stones like clear quartz can help with the metaphysical aspect.

Determine Your Intention

Getting your intention right is crucial. This is where you align your mental, emotional, and spiritual goals with the lapis lazuli, making your activation highly personal and potent.

Set and Program the Intention into Your Lapis Lazuli

Here’s where the magic really happens. To program your intention into the lapis lazuli crystal, hold the stone in your hand and clearly state your goals. Feel the crystal absorbing your energy, becoming a physical manifestation of your aspirations.

More Modern Activation Methods for Your Lapis Lazuli

Impact on Sand: Grounding Your Energy

Just like our ancestors connected with the Earth, you too can ground your lapis stone by placing it on sand. Natural elements like sand help to align the lapis lazuli’s vibrations with earthly frequencies, harmonizing its metaphysical properties. Imagine the grains of sand as tiny masseurs, working their magic on your stone to awaken its potential.

Meditative Gong or Bells: Harnessing Sound Frequencies

Sound and vibration are often overlooked avenues for activating lapis lazuli, but they shouldn’t be. The reverberations from gongs or bells resonate with the crystal’s innate frequencies, enhancing its metaphysical capabilities. Picture this: a gong rings in the distance, and it’s as if your lapis lazuli leaps into vibrational alignment, like an eager actor hearing their cue. What you have now is an awakened stone, its third eye and throat chakras buzzing with life.

Lapis lazuli placement

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need to Cleanse Your Lapis Lazuli Before Activating It?

Yes, cleansing lapis lazuli before activation is highly recommended. Not only does it remove accumulated negative energy, but it also prepares the stone to sync more effectively with your intentions. You can use other stones like clear quartz for this process, or opt for sound cleansing through bells and chimes.

Can You Use Your Lapis Lazuli Straight After Activating It?

Absolutely, you can use your lapis lazuli immediately after activation. In fact, it’s the perfect time to integrate it into your spiritual practices or wear lapis lazuli as jewelry. The freshly activated stone is eager to connect with you, its energies perfectly attuned to your intentions.

Best Ways to Use Lapis Lazuli After Activation

Once activated, the sky’s the limit. Use lapis lazuli in crystal grids to focus its energy or keep it near your bedside for lucid dreaming experiences. You can even wear lapis lazuli to help align your throat and third eye chakras, bolstering your communication and intuitive skills. Remember, the more you interact with your activated lapis stone, the more profound its impact will be on your life.

How to Distinguish Real From Fake Lapis Lazuli

Authenticity Tests

You may ask yourself, is this lapis lazuli real or fake? Given the high value placed on genuine lapis lazuli stones, it’s essential to know how to distinguish them from imitations. Look for the deep blue color, occasionally accompanied by golden pyrite inclusions and white calcite. A fake lapis usually lacks these characteristics, and its color may fade over time, unlike the rich hue of true lapis lazuli.

True Value of Authentic Lapis Lazuli

While lapis lazuli can be expensive, especially when it has minimal white calcite and abundant golden pyrite inclusions, the investment is worth every penny. The genuine article holds immense spiritual power, and its healing properties are unparalleled. An activated, real lapis lazuli can genuinely change your life.

How to Take Care of Your Lapis Lazuli Post-Activation

Storing Your Lapis

Once activated, place lapis lazuli in a sacred space free from direct sunlight, which could fade its vibrant blue color. Fabric-lined jewelry boxes or soft cloth pouches are ideal.

Cleanse Lapis Lazuli Regularly

While lapis lazuli is excellent at absorbing and transmuting negative energy, it’s essential to cleanse it regularly. You can do this through sound or by using other cleansing crystals like selenite or clear quartz.

Charging Your Lapis

Over time, your lapis lazuli might feel drained of its energy, especially after intense metaphysical work. To recharge, place your lapis lazuli in a crystal grid or simply set it beside other stones like clear quartz that can rejuvenate its energies. Some people even like to charge lapis lazuli under the moonlight, adding an extra layer of mystical energy.

Reawakening Your Connection

As your relationship with your lapis evolves, don’t hesitate to reprogram your intentions. Fresh goals or a shifting focus may require you to revisit the activation process, ensuring the lapis lazuli remains aligned with your spiritual journey.

Keep Lapis Lazuli Close

The more you interact with your activated lapis lazuli, the stronger its connection with you will become. Keep it close, wear it as jewelry or carry it in a pouch with you throughout the day.

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Lapis lazuli stones

Advanced Activation Techniques

Using Lapis Lazuli in Crystal Grids

If you’ve delved into the world of crystal grids, you know just how potent they can be in amplifying a stone’s energy. Lapis lazuli can serve as a powerful component in a crystal grid designed for chakra healing or for enhancing your communication skills. The geometric arrangement intensifies your intentions, making the deep blue of lapis even more powerful.

Feng Shui and Lapis Lazuli

Beyond crystal therapy, you can also activate your lapis through feng shui practices. Placing your lapis lazuli in specific areas of your home will not only neutralize negative energy but also accentuate the positive vibes emanating from this semi-precious stone.

When Not to Use Lapis Lazuli

Direct Sunlight Exposure

Remember, exposure to direct sunlight can fade the blue color of your stone. So, while you might want to place your lapis lazuli in a sunny spot, resist the temptation.

Cleaning with Harsh Chemicals

For the love of all things sacred, don’t clean your lapis lazuli with harsh chemicals! A soft cloth dampened with water will usually do the trick. The more tender, loving care you give your stone, the more it will reciprocate with its abundant healing properties.

Conclusion: How to Activate Lapis Lazuli

You’ve journeyed through the rich tapestry of activating lapis lazuli, understanding its nuances and even learning some advanced techniques. But remember, your relationship with this healing stone is like a mystical, lifelong dance. As you evolve, so do your intentions and methods of activation. So don’t just let your lapis lazuli sit there; wear it, meditate with it, or place it strategically in your home. The third eye and throat chakras are yearning for this kind of deep connection, one that only a true lapis lazuli can provide. Happy activating!

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