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How To Charge Black Tourmaline

Hello, lovely crystal enthusiasts! There’s something absolutely captivating about the allure of black tourmaline, isn’t there? It’s a stone that I’ve been enthralled with for years and is an essential component in my crystal collection. It’s only natural that I’d want to share the joy of this mystical midnight-hued stone with you. So today, I am thrilled to walk you through the process of how to charge black tourmaline.

Black tourmaline, also known as Schorl, is a powerful stone, lauded for its abilities to ward off negative energies and enhance personal power. It’s a stone that you might consider your psychic shield, a protective barrier against all things harmful.

Charging your black tourmaline is a simple and fulfilling process. It involves cleansing the stone, then imbuing it with new, focused energy, which could be done using various methods like placing it on a crystal cluster, charging it with sunlight, moonlight, or in the earth, and setting an intention. I will delve into these techniques in detail later on.

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What is Black Tourmaline Good For

Black tourmaline, a magnificent black tourmaline stone, is lauded as a protective stone, highly efficient in shielding one from negative energy. It helps transmute these harmful energies into positive energy and shields the energy field around our bodies from destructive forces. It’s also known to protect from electromagnetic frequencies emitted from electronic devices.

Moreover, black tourmaline is a stone that is closely linked with the root chakra, the chakra responsible for our sense of grounding and connection to the earth. This connection can enhance one’s self-confidence and human spirit, imbuing a sense of stability and strength.

Black tourmaline isn’t only for spiritual protection; it can also be a stylish addition to your wardrobe. Wearing black tourmaline jewelry like a necklace, ring, or a black tourmaline bracelet could help keep this protective energy close to your body, ensuring deeper absorption of its healing vibrations. Direct skin contact ensures even deeper absorption of its healing vibrations.

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Benefits of Black Tourmaline


Black tourmaline is known for its powerful protective properties, acting as a shield against negative energies and psychic attacks.


It can help clear dense energy both from within your field and the environment around you.


This stone helps to balance our physical body with the spiritual realm, and is particularly helpful for those who are more sensitive or easily affected by energies around them.


Black tourmaline can help to clear the mind of negative thoughts and helps to promote a sense of calmness and inner peace.


It can help to bring balance into your life, and by grounding the energy into the physical realm, it can help to manifest your desires into reality.

Emotional healing

This stone is known for its ability to bring emotional equilibrium in times of distress and helps to shed light on any negative patterns that need to be cleared from our life.

Which Element is Black Tourmaline Associated With

Black tourmaline is deeply connected to the Earth element. This association links it with grounding energy, stability, and physical identity. The Earth element in the realm of crystals and gemstones often brings about a more profound connection to nature and the physical body, enhancing the crystal’s protective nature and grounding capabilities.

Why Charge Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline, like many other healing crystals, is believed to store energy, acting as a battery of sorts for positive vibes. Over time, it can become energetically depleted, especially if it’s used regularly to deflect negative thoughts or absorb negative energy from the environment. Charging your black tourmaline allows it to replenish its own energy, magnifying its healing properties and allowing it to function at peak capacity.

Difference between Cleansing and Charging Black Tourmaline

Cleansing and charging are two essential steps in maintaining the power of your black tourmaline. These might sound similar, but they’re distinct in purpose.

Cleansing aims to remove any unwanted energy the stone has absorbed. This process effectively ‘resets’ the stone to its natural energetic state, free from any external influences. On the other hand, charging infuses the stone with a renewed burst of energy, enhancing its innate abilities and making it more effective in its role as a protective and grounding stone.

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Cleansing Black Tourmaline

Before charging and activating your black tourmaline, it’s essential to cleanse it first. This process ensures that any bad energy absorbed by the stone is cleared out, returning it to its purest energetic state. You can cleanse black tourmaline by smudging it with sage, using sound therapy, or even by bathing it under a soft flow of lukewarm water.

How to Charge and Energize Black Tourmaline

Now, we’re getting to the fun part – how to charge black tourmaline. It’s a straightforward process, but one that invites a lot of creativity and personal touch.

Place it on or near a crystal cluster or geode

Crystals love being around their ‘kind’. Placing your black tourmaline on or near a crystal cluster or geode can help to charge it. Certain types of crystals, such as Selenite, Amethyst, and Quartz are particularly effective for this purpose.


Selenite is known for its purifying properties. It’s like a cleansing river that can clear out any negative or stagnant energy from your black tourmaline.


Amethyst’s calming energy can help to charge your black tourmaline with a sense of tranquility, which can be especially beneficial if you’re using your stone for stress-relief or to promote a good night’s sleep.


Clear quartz is known as a ‘master healer’, and its high vibrations can enhance the protective and grounding properties of your black tourmaline.

Place it in the Center of a Crystal Circle

Creating a crystal circle or grid with your black tourmaline in the center can be another effective method for charging. The synergistic energy created by other crystals can amplify the energy of the black tourmaline.

Charge it with Sunlight

Sunlight is a powerful charging agent for most crystals, including black tourmaline. The vibrant, masculine energy of the sun can infuse your stone with warmth, vitality, and a strengthened protective barrier.

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Charge it with Moonlight

The moon’s energy, with its more feminine style, is subtle, intuitive, and nurturing. A full moon, in particular, offers the most potent energy for charging your black tourmaline. It’s as if the crystal basks in the lunar luminescence, soaking up the moon’s energetic glow.

Charge it in Earth

Given black tourmaline’s strong earth element connection, burying it in soil or immersing it in salt water (always consider the stone’s Mohs hardness scale when using water) can help to recharge its energy. This method also reinforces the stone’s grounding properties.

Hold your Crystal and Set an Intention

To finish the charging process, hold your black tourmaline and set a clear, focused intention. This personalizes your crystal, aligning its energy with your goals or desires. It’s like having a heart-to-heart with your stone, telling it how it can best assist you.

How Long Should I Charge My Black Tourmaline Crystal For?

Charging duration can vary based on the method used and your personal intuition. However, a good rule of thumb is to allow your black tourmaline to charge for at least 4 hours. If you’re using moonlight or sunlight, leaving your stone out from sunrise to sunset, or overnight during a full moon, is typically adequate.

How Often Should I Charge Black Tourmaline

As a general practice, charging your black tourmaline once a month is a good frequency. However, if you feel your stone is being used more heavily, or it starts to feel ‘heavy’ or ‘dull’ as though it has absorbed harmful energy, it may need more frequent charging.

How Should You Store Your Crystal Once it is Charged?

Once your black tourmaline is charged, it’s best to keep it in a sacred, clean space. You could wrap it in a silk cloth or keep it in a special box or pouch. Remember, the idea is to treat it with respect and protect it from potential environmental pollutants.


Can You Charge Black Tourmaline in the Sun?

Absolutely! The sun’s radiant energy can effectively charge your black tourmaline. However, bear in mind that prolonged direct sunlight can sometimes alter the color of certain stones. But for black tourmaline, this isn’t typically an issue. Feel free to let it bask in the sun’s glow to imbue it with vibrant solar energy.

And there you have it! The comprehensive guide to charging your black tourmaline and bringing out its utmost potential. May your journey with this protective stone bring an even deeper sense of peace, grounding, and wonderful bliss.

Is Black Tourmaline Magnetic?

No, black tourmaline is not magnetic. However, it does have powerful electrostatic properties that can attract and repel energy from its environment. As such, you may find that it becomes magnetized when placed near certain metals or magnets. Additionally, black tourmaline’s natural elements (like iron) can be affected by strong electromagnetic fields. So keep it away from any electronic devices or appliances to ensure that its protective and healing energy remains intact.

Can You Charge Black Tourmaline with Clear Quartz?

Yes, you can charge black tourmaline with clear quartz! The two stones create a strong energetic combination when paired together, which amplifies the power of this protective crystal and enhances its ability to repel negative energy. Place both stones together on a windowsill or table in direct sunlight for several hours, or during a full moon if possible. You can also keep them together in a small pouch or box to maintain their relationship and maximize the effect of the two crystals working side-by-side.

Will Black Tourmaline Dissolve In Water or Salt Water?

No, black tourmaline will not dissolve in water or salt water. However, it is important to take into account the Mohs hardness scale when using water to cleanse and recharge this stone. As a general rule of thumb, any stones with a rating between 1-3 should only be cleaned with a damp cloth or dry brushing. Stones with a Mohs rating of 4-7 can be safely cleansed in warm, soapy water. Anything higher than 7 should not be immersed in any liquid. So while black tourmaline won’t dissolve in water, it’s always best to exercise caution when cleansing and charging your stone.

How Can You Tell When Your Black Tourmaline is Charged?

When your black tourmaline is fully charged, it will feel cool and vibrant to the touch. It’s also likely to become more luminescent and polished-looking. Some people have reported a stronger smell emanating from their stone or even an electric current passing through it when it has been sufficiently charged. Ultimately, it’s up to you to observe and discern when your stone has been sufficiently charged.

Also the color of the stone may change slightly when fully charged, often becoming more vivid or darker in hue. If any of these signs occur, then you can be sure that your black tourmaline is ready for use!

Can You Charge Black Tourmaline with Selenite?

Yes, you can charge black tourmaline with selenite. When these two crystals are placed together, their energetic combination creates a powerful shield of protection that can keep negative energy at bay and help clear the mind for deep meditation. Place both stones on a windowsill in direct sunlight to allow them to absorb the solar energy, or keep them together in a small pouch or box. When finished, be sure to thank both stones for their service and place them back in your home or workspace with gratitude.

Conclusion: How to Charge Black Tourmaline

Charging and cleansing black tourmaline stones can be an incredibly powerful process that brings out their highest potential and healing properties. By taking the time to use crystals like clear quartz and selenite in conjunction with your black tourmaline, you can greatly amplify its protective energy and reap the full benefits of this wonderful crystal. Stay mindful and observe how your stone responds to its environment, and allow yourself to bask in the peaceful energy that it provides. Enjoy!

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