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Can Black Tourmaline Go In The Sun?

Black Tourmaline is a popular crystal among many crystal enthusiasts. It is a powerful stone renowned for its protective and purifying properties. However, many people wonder whether they can take their black tourmaline in the sun.

In this blog post, we will be discussing everything you need to know about placing your black tourmaline in the sun, including the effects of sunlight on black tourmaline, how to properly care for your black tourmaline, and the best practices for using your black tourmaline in the sun light.

Can Black Tourmaline Go In The Sun: Summary

To address the burning question (pun intended!), yes, black tourmaline can be exposed to sunlight. But like any other crystal, there are considerations to keep in mind. We’ll delve deeper into the specifics shortly.

Benefits of Sun Exposure for Black Tourmaline

The sun is a powerful source of energy, both physically and metaphysically. When crystals, like black tourmaline, are placed under the sun, something magical happens. The energizing sun rays work in harmony with the crystal’s own energy, potentially amplifying its properties.

  • Energy Clearing: Exposing black tourmaline to the sun can help dissipate all the negative energy it has absorbed. Think of the sun’s power as a deep reset for your stone.
  • Enhancing its Natural Vibrations: Sunlight can awaken the natural frequencies within the black tourmaline, making it more potent in its protective and healing endeavors.
  • Activation of Certain Properties: Some believe that the sun can activate specific properties within the black tourmaline, such as strengthening its grounding and protective energy.
Can Black Tourmaline Go In The Sun
Can Black Tourmaline Go In The Sun

Can I Charge Black Tourmaline in the Sun?

Yes you can charge black tourmaline in the sun. Charging is a common practice in crystal therapy. The idea is to replenish or amplify the stone’s innate energy. Black tourmaline, being a protective stone with balancing powers, can benefit from a sunbath.

  • Understanding the Concept of Charging Crystals: Every crystal, be it rose quartz, lapis lazuli, or our beloved black tourmaline, can be charged to rejuvenate its energies. The sun offers a natural method to recharge these precious stones.
  • How the Sun Interacts with Black Tourmaline’s Energy: The radiant sun rays, especially during sunrise or sunset, imbue black tourmaline with vibrancy. Imagine how the energizing sun rays work, intertwining with the crystal’s frequencies, creating a dance of energies that’s nothing short of mesmerizing.
  • Best Practices for Charging in Sunlight: Place your black tourmaline stone or black tourmaline jewelry on a natural surface, like a wooden table or directly on mother earth. Allow it to absorb sunlight, but not for prolonged periods. A few hours should suffice. Remember, moderation is key.

Can You Cleanse Black Tourmaline in the Sun?

While charging rejuvenates a crystal’s energy, cleansing is all about clearing out unwanted energy. Black tourmaline, known to absorb negative energies, requires regular cleansing.

  • The Difference Between Cleansing and Charging: Cleansing is about purifying the crystal, getting rid of any electromagnetic smog, or bad energy it might have absorbed. Charging, on the other hand, is about amplifying the crystal’s energy.
  • Methods of Sun Cleansing: Sunlight method involves placing your black tourmaline under direct sunlight. This exposure helps dissipate any negative energy the stone might be holding. However, don’t leave it out for too long; a few hours in direct sunlight are usually enough.
  • Ideal Duration for Effective Sun Cleansing: Typically, black tourmaline doesn’t need more than a couple of hours under the sun. Beyond this, there’s a risk that the black tourmaline might fade, losing its natural black shine.

Will the Sun Damage Black Tourmaline?

This is where things get a tad complex. While the sun is a fantastic tool for cleansing and charging black tourmaline, prolonged exposure might not be the best idea.

  • Potential for Color Fading: Any crystal, when left in direct sunlight for too long, risks fading. Black tourmaline is no exception. Its deep black hue might begin to lose intensity, so always monitor your crystal when it’s sunbathing. Read also: Does black tourmaline fade in the sun?
  • How Sun Exposure May Alter its Energy: While short bursts of sun exposure can enhance the black tourmaline’s protective energy, overdoing it may overwhelm the stone, causing it to lose some of its potency.
  • Tips to Avoid Damage: Always place black tourmaline in a location where it can get sunlight but can also benefit from shade. Think of it like us humans; we need sunlight for vitamin D, but we also seek shade when the sun becomes too intense.

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Is Black Tourmaline Heat Sensitive?

Every stone reacts differently to temperature changes, and our beloved black tourmaline is no exception.

  • Scientific and Metaphysical Perspectives: From a scientific viewpoint, prolonged heat can cause cracks on the stone’s surface, especially if the temperature change is abrupt. Metaphysically, heat can alter the crystal’s energy, possibly disrupting its natural frequency.
  • What Temperatures to Avoid: While black tourmaline can handle mild warmth, extreme temperatures can be damaging. Always ensure that it’s not placed in an area where there’s a sudden temperature change, like near a fireplace or an air conditioner.

Other Factors That Can Affect Your Black Tourmaline Crystal

While sunlight plays a significant role in how we care for our black tourmaline, it’s essential to consider other environmental factors that might impact this protective black crystal.


Ah, the life-giving essence of mother earth. But is it good for your black tourmaline?

  • Can It Be Submerged?: The answer here is a bit of a mixed bag. While it’s safe to rinse black tourmaline briefly, prolonged submersion, especially in salt water, isn’t advised. Over time, the salt can degrade the stone’s surface.
  • The Impact of Water on Its Structure and Energy: From a metaphysical perspective, water, especially natural sources like streams or rain, can help cleanse black tourmaline of unwanted energy. However, always ensure it’s dried properly to maintain its natural black shine.

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Salt has been hailed in various traditions for its purifying properties. It’s no wonder many crystal enthusiasts swear by it.

  • Salt Baths for Cleansing: A salt bath can be a great way to cleanse black tourmaline stones. However, ensure that it’s a brief submersion. After cleansing, wash the stone with pure water to get rid of any salt residues and then dry it properly.
  • Precautions to Take with Salt Exposure: Salt, especially if left on for prolonged periods, can be abrasive. This can lead to the crystal’s surface becoming scratched or pitted.

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Where Should I Keep My Black Tourmaline?

The environment in which you display black tourmaline can influence not only its physical appearance but also its energetic properties.

  • Best Locations in the Home: Consider placing your black tourmaline near entry points, like the front door or windows. This way, it can act as a guardian, repelling negative energies before they enter your space. If you have black tourmaline jewelry or smaller black tourmaline clusters, they can be safely kept in a selenite bowl or on a crystal cluster to maintain their vibrancy.
  • Storing with Other Crystals: Black tourmaline works harmoniously with many other crystals. For example, pairing it with clear quartz can amplify its grounding and protective energy, while rose quartz can bring a harmonious balance of love energy.
  • Protective Pouches and Containers: If you’re on the move or prefer to carry your black tourmaline with you, consider placing it in a protective pouch. This not only prevents physical damage but also keeps its energy concentrated.

Other Considerations

  • Black Tourmaline and the Full Moon: Another popular method to cleanse and charge black tourmaline is by moonlight, especially during a full moon. The moon’s gentle energy can rejuvenate and recalibrate the crystal’s frequencies.
  • Black Tourmaline and Earth Energies: Burying black tourmaline in the earth can be a potent way to reconnect it with earth’s energy. This method is perfect for those who prefer a more organic way to refresh their stones.
  • Electromagnetic Smog: One of the incredible features of black tourmaline is its reputed ability to neutralize electromagnetic smog. Place it near electronic devices to mitigate the effects of this unwanted energy.

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The Many Shades of Tourmaline

While black tourmaline is the star today, there’s a spectrum of tourmaline colors, each holding its unique charm and properties.

  • Pink Tourmaline: Unlike its black counterpart, pink tourmaline radiates with the energy of love and compassion. This stone resonates beautifully with the heart chakra.
  • Watermelon Tourmaline: This enchanting variant gets its name due to its pink center and green exterior, reminiscent of a watermelon slice. It’s a harmonizer, balancing the heart and root chakra.
  • Blue Tourmaline: Also known as Indicolite, blue tourmaline is believed to aid in communication and calming energies.
  • Red Tourmaline: Also referred to as Rubellite, this stone pulsates with passionate and grounding energies, connecting deeply with the root chakra.
  • Black Tourmaline Clusters: Having a black tourmaline cluster is like owning a powerhouse of protective energy. Each point in the cluster acts as an energy sentinel, guarding against negativity.

Crystal Healing and Black Tourmaline

Stepping into the realm of crystal healing is akin to opening the door to an age-old world of holistic energy and mother earth’s treasures. Central to this healing process is the iconic black tourmaline.

The Magic of Black Tourmaline in Crystal Therapy

  • Balancing Powers and the Root Chakra: At the heart of its healing properties, black tourmaline is inextricably linked to the root chakra. This black stone connects profoundly with our foundational energies, grounding us and offering a sense of belonging. Its grounding and protective energy ensures stability, both mentally and spiritually.
  • Protection from All the Negative Energy: Negative energy, bad vibes, electromagnetic smog – whatever you call them, they’re omnipresent. Black tourmaline acts as a sentinel, constantly working to repel these disruptive forces. Imagine a shield: as arrows (negative energies) come flying, the shield (black tourmaline) deflects them.
  • Complementing with Other Stones for Mental Health Treatment: While black tourmaline is powerful on its own, combining it with stones like lapis lazuli or rose quartz can amplify its healing benefits, especially concerning mental well-being.

Exposing Black Tourmaline: Safety and Benefits

  • Natural Light and Energizing Sun Rays: Exposing black tourmaline to natural light can be beneficial. The energizing sun rays work to cleanse the crystal, but as we’ve noted, avoid prolonged direct sunlight.
  • The Sunlight Method: A few hours of sunlight can activate black tourmaline, aligning it with the sun’s power. But always monitor the exposure to ensure the black tourmaline doesn’t fade.
  • Crystal Jewelry: For those who love accessorizing with purpose, black tourmaline jewelry is a must-have. Whether it’s a necklace or a ring, wearing it ensures that you’re always surrounded by its protective energy. Remember to occasionally give your jewelry a break from constant wear to cleanse and charge.

Beyond Sun Exposure: Caring for Your Black Tourmaline

  • Regular Cleansing Routines: Like every piece of crystal jewelry or a standalone stone, regular cleansing is vital. Smoke surround black tourmaline with sage, palo santo, or even incense to ward off the buildup of negative energies.
  • Charging alongside Other Crystals: A clear quartz or a selenite placed next to black tourmaline can help in keeping it charged. Think of these stones as the rejuvenating companions in the crystal world.
  • Physical Maintenance: Over time, your black tourmaline might gather dust or lose its shine. A soft toothbrush can help in gently brushing off the surface. If it’s a piece of jewelry, consider occasional professional cleaning.

Conclusion: Can Black Tourmaline Go In The Sun?

Crystals have graced our world for millennia, holding within them stories of the earth, the cosmos, and the energies that intertwine. Black tourmaline, with its deep grounding and protective powers, stands as a testament to the wonders of nature and the universe.

Whether you’re new to the world of crystal knowledge or a seasoned enthusiast, black tourmaline is undoubtedly one of those ‘must-have crystals’. Its innate power to ward off negative energy, its symbiotic relationship with the root chakra, and its versatility make it a gem (pun intended!) in the vast world of crystals.

As we wrap up this exploration, remember this: while we’ve delved deep into how the sun impacts our beloved black tourmaline, the essence truly lies in your connection with the stone. Your intuition, your experiences, and your own energy will guide you in nurturing this powerful black crystal.

So, whether you’re placing it under the sun, cleansing it under a full moon, or merely wearing a piece of black tourmaline jewelry, always trust the bond you share with this protective stone. After all, in the dance of energies, intentions, and love, it’s all about harmony.

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