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Can Black Tourmaline Go in Water?

One of the most popular crystals today is the black tourmaline. It is renowned for its energy-cleansing abilities that can help in getting rid of negative energy in your environment and within yourself. In recent times, the practice of using crystals to bring about positive energy, good luck, and wellness has become increasingly popular.

If you own a black tourmaline crystal or are interested in purchasing one, you might be wondering if you can put it in water. The simple answer is yes; however, it’s important to know what the black tourmaline can do, how it should be used, and what you should avoid so as not to damage it. In this blog post, we’ll guide you on everything you need to know about whether or not black tourmaline can go in water.

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The Power of Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline, a potent protective stone, is renowned for its ability to ward off undesirable energy from various sources, including people’s negative attitudes. This makes it an ideal stone for individuals seeking grounding or for empaths who are sensitive to the energies around them. See our guide on what black tourmaline does for further information.

The Purpose of Water Cleansing for Black Tourmaline

Water is an effective medium for purifying black tourmaline. It can dispel unwanted energy and ground it back to the earth, reconnecting the stone with the healing properties of Mother Earth and removing negative energies. Additionally, water can recharge tourmaline, preventing it from becoming energetically depleted and dull.

can black tourmaline go in water
Can black tourmaline go in water?

Black Tourmaline’s Hardness and Water Safety

Black tourmaline is a robust gemstone, scoring 7-7.5 on the Mohs Hardness scale. This hardness makes it more resilient than many other crystals, allowing it to safely be cleansed in cold or lukewarm water for brief periods. However, its complex chemical composition means it should not be submerged for extended periods.

The Risks of Prolonged Water Exposure for Black Tourmaline

Despite its hardness, black tourmaline should not be left in water for extended periods. Its complex chemical structure, which may contain elements like manganese, titanium, and iron, could rust during prolonged contact with moisture. Therefore, it’s best to cleanse black tourmaline with short bursts of running water and then dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Saltwater and Black Tourmaline: A Word of Caution

Black tourmaline can tolerate salt water for brief periods, but it’s not recommended. Saltwater’s abrasive and corrosive properties can damage the stone over time. Any tiny cracks in the black crystal can be worsened and the whole stone can split if it is left in salt water too long. If you choose to cleanse black tourmaline in salt water, do so briefly and rinse it thoroughly with fresh water afterwards.

The Magic of Full Moon Water and Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline can be placed in moon water, which is water that has been charged under the light of a full moon, for short periods. However, like with regular water, avoid putting black tourmaline in moon water for extended periods to prevent damage.

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Bathing with Black Tourmaline

Adding black tourmaline to your bath can enhance the relaxing experience. The water helps cleanse the stone, while the stone’s energy can contribute to a soothing bath. Remember to dry the stone thoroughly after the bath.

Drinking Black Tourmaline Infused Water: A No-No

While crystal-infused water is popular for enhancing a stone’s healing properties, black tourmaline is not suitable for direct infusion due to its complex chemical structure. Some elements in black tourmaline may be unsafe to ingest.

Cleansing Black Tourmaline with Water: A Simple Guide

Cleansing black tourmaline with water is simple. Find a source of running water, hold the black tourmaline stone in the stream for 1-2 minutes, then remove the stone and dry it with a microfiber cloth.

Recharging Black Tourmaline with Spring Water

Spring water, being natural and untreated, can be an excellent medium for recharging black tourmaline. Simply place the stone in a container of spring water for a short period, then remove it and dry it thoroughly.

Rain Water: A Natural Cleanser for Black Tourmaline

Rain water, being a natural source of water, can be used to cleanse black tourmaline. Place the stone in a container of rain water for a short period, then remove it and dry it thoroughly.

Alternative Ways to Cleanse Black Tourmaline

If you prefer not to use water, there are several other ways to cleanse black tourmaline, including smudging, using other crystals, exposing it to sunlight or moonlight, or setting intentions.


Smudging is a traditional cleansing method that involves burning sage or other sacred herbs and passing the black tourmaline through the smoke to purify it.


Certain crystals, like selenite, have the ability to deeply cleanse other crystals. Simply place the black tourmaline on or near the cleansing crystal.


Sunlight can cleanse and recharge black tourmaline. However, prolonged exposure can cause the stone to fade, so limit direct sunlight cleansing to short periods.

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Moonlight can also cleanse and recharge black tourmaline crystal. Simply leave the stone under the light of the full moon to continue to benefit from its positive energy and crystal healing.


Setting a cleansing intention can also cleanse black tourmaline. Hold the stone, clear your mind, and focus on your intention to cleanse the stone and remove any negative energy from the black stone and regain its emotional flow.

How often should I cleanse my black tourmaline?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, including your level of usage, the environment it’s used in, and your personal preference. Here are some tips to determine when it’s time to cleanse your black tourmaline:

1. Trust your intuition:

You are the best judge of when your crystal needs cleansing. If you feel that your black tourmaline has become dull or heavy, it may be time for a cleanse.

2. Cleanse regularly:

As a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended to cleanse your black tourmaline at least once a week to ensure it’s always functioning at its best.

3. Cleanse after heavy use:

If you’re using your black tourmaline in a high-stress environment, or you’re feeling particularly drained after a session, it’s essential to cleanse your stone to release any accumulated negativity.

4. Cleanse after lending or borrowing:

If you’ve lent your black tourmaline to someone else, or you’ve borrowed someone else’s crystal, it’s crucial to cleanse it before and after use to avoid picking up any unwanted energies.

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Conclusion: Can Black Tourmaline Go In Water?

Black tourmaline is an incredible crystal that has several benefits, including protecting against negative energy and promoting positive thinking. While placing it in water can be a great way to amplify its healing properties, it’s important to note that this should be done cautiously. Despite it being a hard stone, it has a brittle nature and can be damaged by minerals such as salt in the water.

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