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How To Charge Citrine

Citrine, with its vibrant golden hue, is a beloved gemstone in the world of crystal enthusiasts. Known for its energy-enhancing properties, this radiant stone is not just a beautiful accessory, but also a powerful tool for transformation. Whether you’re new to the world of crystals or a seasoned gem collector, understanding how to properly charge citrine can help you unlock its full potential.

Charging citrine, a potent stone known for its energy-enhancing properties, can amplify its effectiveness. To charge citrine, you can place it on or near a crystal cluster or geode like selenite, amethyst, or quartz. You could also place it in the center of a crystal circle, charge it with sunlight or moonlight, bury it in the earth, or hold the crystal while setting an intention. Although citrine is a self-cleansing crystal, charging it once a month, especially during a full moon, can keep its energy vibrant and potent. After charging, store your citrine in a special place where it won’t be disturbed, such as a silk bag or a velvet-lined jewelry box.

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What is Citrine Good For?

Citrine, often hailed as the ‘success stone,’ is a powerful tool for manifesting prosperity and abundance. Thanks to its sunny disposition, citrine is believed to carry the power of the sun, making it a potent stone for manifestation and personal will. This radiant gemstone is also known for its ability to cleanse the chakras, stimulating the imagination and encouraging fresh beginnings and new pursuits. Its energy is all about opportunity and growth, helping you to create and attract exactly what you want in life.

How to charge citrine
How to charge citrine

Citrine – The Ultimate Crystal for Energy and Prosperity

Hailed as the ‘success stone,’ citrine brings a unique blend of positive energy and abundant power, making it an ultimate crystal for manifesting prosperity and overall well-being. Its natural yellow colors resonate with the solar plexus chakra, the energy center responsible for personal power and confidence. Thus, a citrine ring or other citrine jewelry can help enhance your personal will, courage, and self-esteem.

Interestingly, the healing powers of citrine are not confined to the spiritual realm. It is also believed to promote physical stamina, support endocrine glands, and stimulate metabolism, making it a truly holistic healing stone

Benefits of Citrine

Apart from attracting wealth, citrine is also known for promoting generosity. It encourages the sharing of what one has, imparting joy to all who behold it. Citrine’s vibrant energy is thought to raise self-esteem and self-confidence, and remove destructive tendencies, making it particularly useful for overcoming depression, fears, and phobias. On a physical level, citrine is believed to enhance physical stamina and energy, support endocrine glands, and encourage proper metabolism. It’s a stone that brings balance, helping to harmonize your personal will with the greater pattern of life. See also our guide on what citrine does.

Which Element is Citrine Associated With?

Citrine is associated with the element of Fire, which correlates with its warm color and energetic properties. Fire represents passion, creativity, and transformation – qualities that are believed to be enhanced by citrine. Just as fire can ignite and fuel a physical flame, so too can citrine ignite the flame of creativity and fuel the process of transformation within you.

Why Charge Citrine?

While citrine is known as a self-cleansing crystal, charging it can enhance its energy and effectiveness. Charging your citrine aligns it with your personal energy and intentions, helping to amplify its natural properties. This can make your work with citrine even more powerful, whether you’re using it for manifestation, healing, or spiritual growth.

Difference Between Cleansing and Charging Citrine

Cleansing and charging may seem similar, but they serve different purposes. Cleansing a crystal like citrine is about clearing it of any negative or stagnant energy. This is important because crystals, like citrine, are often used to absorb or redirect energy. Over time, this energy can build up and become stagnant, which can diminish the crystal’s effectiveness.

Charging, on the other hand, is about energizing the crystal. When you charge a crystal, you’re filling it with energy that aligns with a specific intention or purpose. This can help to enhance the crystal’s natural properties and make it more effective in its work.

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Citrine and Negative Energies: A Unique Relationship

Unlike many crystals, citrine crystals are unique for their ability to cleanse themselves. They do not accumulate negative energies, thus requiring less frequent cleansing compared to other crystals. Instead, citrine is known to absorb negative energy and transmute it into positive energy, thus contributing to its reputation as an effective energy field cleanser.

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Charging Citrine: Amplifying its Raw Healing Powers

Even though citrine does not absorb negative energy, it still benefits from periodic charging. Charging crystals like citrine helps them regain their vibrant energy and amplifies their healing emitted energies. Consider charging citrine under a full moon, an effective charging technique that bathes the stone in gentle recharging moonlight. The lunar light absorbed during a full moon allows the citrine to rest and revitalize its energy.

How to Charge and Energize Citrine

There are several ways to charge and energize your citrine:

Charge it with moonlight:

Charging under the light of a full moon is a gentle and safe way to energize your citrine. The moon’s energy is especially potent during the full moon, but you can also charge your citrine under any phase of the moon. Always refer to a full moon calendar or moon calendar to sync your charging rituals with the lunar cycle for maximum benefit.

Charge it with sunlight:

While charging under a full moon is a popular choice, you can also charge citrine in the gentle morning sun. A few hours of early sunlight can infuse your citrine with warm, vibrant energy without the risk of fading its natural color due to harsh UV rays.

Placing it in direct sunlight can energize and charge the crystal. However, be careful not to leave it in the sun for too long as prolonged exposure can cause the color to fade. A few hours in the morning or late afternoon sun should be enough to fully charge your citrine.

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Place it on or near a crystal cluster or geode:

Crystal clusters or geodes, especially those of selenite, amethyst, or quartz, can help to charge your citrine. The collective energy of the cluster or geode amplifies the energy of the individual crystals placed on it. Think of these clusters or geodes as a charging station for your citrine.

For those with a big amethyst or quartz crystal geode, this method can be a beautiful and practical way to charge citrine.

Place it in the center of a crystal circle:

Arranging other crystals in a circle around your citrine can help focus and amplify the energy directed towards it. This creates a sort of energy vortex, with your citrine at the center, absorbing the energy of all the surrounding crystals.

Charge it in earth:

Burying your citrine in the earth connects it directly with the earth’s energy, recharging it naturally. This method is particularly effective if you feel that your citrine needs a deep, thorough cleansing and charging. You can bury it in your garden, in a flower pot, or even in a bowl of clean soil.

Hold your crystal and set an intention:

Holding your citrine in your hands and focusing on your intention helps align the crystal with your personal energy and goals. This method is particularly effective if you’re working with citrine for manifestation or personal growth. As you hold the citrine, visualize your intention as clearly as possible, and imagine that intention being absorbed into the crystal.

Embracing Citrine’s Healing Vibrations

With your citrine now charged, it is ready to be incorporated into your healing practice. The healing vibrations of citrine are particularly potent when the crystal is used for meditation. Hold your citrine and take deep breaths, allowing its revitalizing energy to fill your being. You can also place the citrine on your solar plexus chakra to stimulate personal power and confidence.

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The Versatility of Citrine: Beyond Charging

Citrine’s raw healing powers extend beyond its use in crystal healing. Its vibrant energy can transform any space into a hub of positivity and abundance. Consider placing citrine in your living room, workspace, or even your car to keep the mood uplifting and the energies prosperous.

For those drawn to sound healing, try pairing your citrine with a singing bowl. The vibrational energy of the singing bowl can help to charge and activate the citrine, amplifying its healing power.

How Long Should I Charge My Citrine Crystal For?

The length of time necessary to charge your citrine can vary depending on the method you’re using and your personal intuition. Some people prefer to leave their citrine to charge for a few hours in the sun or moonlight, while others might leave it overnight. When charging in the earth, leaving it for 24 hours or even a full moon cycle is a common practice. Ultimately, you should trust your intuition and do what feels right for you and your citrine.

How Often Should I Charge Citrine?

While citrine does not need frequent charging due to its self-cleansing properties, doing so once a month, especially during a full moon, can keep its energy vibrant and potent. Regular charging can also help to keep your citrine aligned with your intentions, which can make your work with this crystal even more effective.

How Should You Store Your Crystal Once it is Charged?

Once charged, store your citrine in a special place where it won’t be disturbed. A silk bag or a velvet-lined jewelry box can provide a safe and respectful storage space. You might also consider creating a special altar or display for your citrine, where it can continue to radiate its energy into your space.

Remember, citrine is a powerful tool for manifestation, healing, and spiritual growth. By learning how to properly charge and care for your citrine, you can make the most of this radiant stone’s energy and potential.


Can you charge Citrine in the sun?

Yes, citrine can be charged in the sun, but be careful not to leave it out for too long as its color can fade.

Will Citrine dissolve in water or salt water?

No, citrine will not dissolve in water or salt water. However, it’s best to avoid prolonged exposure to water as it could damage the stone over time.

How can you tell when your Citrine is charged?

Most people rely on their intuition to determine when a crystal is fully charged. You may feel a sense of completeness, or notice that the crystal’s energy feels more potent.

Can you charge Citrine with clear quartz or selenite?

Yes, both clear quartz and selenite are known for their ability to cleanse and charge other crystals, making them good companions for citrine.

Conclusion: How to Charge Citrine

Charging your citrine is a personal and intuitive process. Whether you choose to charge it under the sun or the moon, bury it in the earth, or use other crystals, remember to set your intention and focus on what you want the crystal to assist you with. This aligns the citrine with your personal energy and goals, helping you make the most of this radiant stone.

In conclusion, citrine, with its radiant energy and abundant healing properties, is a versatile and valuable addition to any crystal collection. Its ability to cleanse and recharge itself, along with its capacity for transforming negative energy into positive, makes citrine a true gem among stones. By understanding how to charge and cleanse citrine, you can unlock its full potential, paving the way for a prosperous life filled with vibrant, positive energy.

With its dazzling hues and mood lifting powers, this sunny stone is more than just a pretty addition to your jewelry box – it’s a potentially life-changing tool for manifestation, healing, and spiritual growth. So the next time you hold a piece of citrine in your hand, remember: you’re not just holding a stone; you’re holding a beacon of positive, transformative energy.

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