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How To Use Citrine

Citrine, a brilliant golden-hued member of the quartz family, is like a sunbeam captured in crystal form. Often referred to as the Merchant’s Stone or the Success Stone, citrine crystal is more than just a beautiful accessory to adorn oneself with; it is a powerful tool for transformation, healing, and prosperity. But what is this wonderful crystal all about? How can you use citrine crystals in your daily life, not just for their physical beauty but for spiritual and emotional enhancement as well? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore all things citrine, from its history and physical properties to its profound spiritual significance. Let’s dive in!

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What is Citrine

Origin and Appearance

Citrine, a variety of quartz crystal, is celebrated for its vibrant golden yellow to deep brownish hues. This captivating color is often associated with the warmth of the sun and earth energy. The natural connection between citrine and these elements gives it an energy that’s both grounded and inspiring. Some citrine stones are heat-treated amethyst, turning them into a smoky quartz appearance, while natural citrine has more earth element qualities and a pale yellow color.

Natural vs. Heat-Treated

Natural citrine crystal is rare and often highly prized. Heat treated citrine, though, is more commonly found. This type of citrine is typically made by heating amethyst, another member of the quartz family, to high temperatures. While this can create the beautiful golden hues associated with citrine, the energy can differ from natural citrine. It’s worth mentioning that there’s nothing wrong with fake citrine or heat treated citrine; they both hold a place in the crystal collection but might resonate differently with the individual.

Benefits of Using Citrine

General Benefits

Attracts Abundance

Citrine, with its golden-yellow hue, is often referred to as the ‘merchant stone’ or ‘success stone’ due to its reputation for attracting wealth and prosperity. Its powerful vibrations can stimulate an increase in financial flow and create greater success in your business or career. Placing citrine in the cash drawer of your shop, or utilizing it as a centerpiece in your home office, is said to invite monetary gain, ushering in an era of abundance and financial stability.

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Inspires Confidence

Don’t underestimate the power of citrine crystals when it comes to building self-confidence. This stone, directly associated with the powerhouse that is the solar plexus chakra, can reinforce your sense of self and personal power. Citrine encourages you to stand tall and confident, radiating positivity and fearlessness. Regular interaction or meditation with citrine crystals can help dissolve self-doubt, eliminate feelings of unworthiness, and inspire you to express yourself authentically and confidently.

Healing Properties of Citrine

Physical Healing Properties

Citrine, in the realm of crystal healing, is highly valued for its perceived impact on the body, particularly related to digestion and metabolism. By balancing and stimulating the solar plexus chakra, citrine is believed to optimize your body’s ability to break down and assimilate food, potentially improving your metabolic rate. It’s also said to support the endocrine system and encourage proper kidney and bladder function, paving the way for robust physical health.

Emotional Healing Properties

Emotionally, citrine is a powerful ally. This resplendent stone is known for its ability to dispel negativity, replacing it with joy and positivity. Its radiant energy can help combat depressive thoughts and reduce anxiety by reinvigorating your mind with optimism and clarity. Regularly using or wearing citrine can help foster a more positive emotional outlook, propelling you towards happiness and emotional well-being.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Citrine’s spiritual healing properties are deeply entrenched in its strong grounding energies and its link to the radiant warmth of the sun. Many believe this stone activates the higher mind, fostering spiritual growth and increasing psychic abilities. Its light-driving quality can help guide the spirit in its journey, fostering a stronger connection to the divine and encouraging a sense of enlightenment.

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Energy Healing With Citrine

When it comes to energy healing, citrine is a trusted companion. Its vibrant golden hues can be associated with the sun’s rays and its healing power. Affirmations or mantras spoken while utilizing this crystal could potentially double in their impact due to the zesty vibrations of the stone itself. Being aware of its energetic qualities during meditation can also enhance your experience; its warm energy facilitating spiritual and emotional healing. You can use citrine to help remove negative energies and replace them with good vibes, helping to create a peaceful atmosphere in your home or workspace.

How to use citrine
How to use citrine

How to Use Citrine in Everyday Life

Wear Citrine

Wearing citrine in the form of jewelry not only ensures you reap its benefits continuously, but it also adds an elegant touch to your style. The consistent skin contact allows for the energy of the stone to merge with your aura, continuously inspiring self-confidence and manifesting abundance.

Crystal Grids

A crystal grid is an intentional arrangement of crystals combined to amplify a desired outcome. Citrine, with its abundant energy, can be combined with other stones like clear quartz for amplification, rose quartz for love, or black tourmaline for grounding. This creates a powerful energy web that amplifies the properties of each stone, leading to a more potent manifestation of your intentions.

Before Bed

Citrine can promote a restful sleep and incite lucid dreaming. Placing a piece of citrine crystal under your pillow or on your nightstand can clear the mind, allowing for peaceful sleep. However, as the stone is associated with energy and activity, some might find it over-stimulating. It’s advisable to experiment with citrine’s effects on your sleep before making it a nightly ritual.

Carry It with You

If you prefer not to wear citrine jewelry, keeping a small piece of citrine in your pocket or bag serves as a daily reminder of your goals and aspirations whilst also serving to take its crystal energy with you wherever you go. Whether you’re seeking to manifest wealth, bolster your self-confidence, or simply infuse your day with positive energy, having citrine in your immediate vicinity constantly offers inspiration and motivation.

Meditating with Citrine

When you meditate with citrine crystal, you invite the opportunity for profound inner transformation. Holding citrine during meditation or placing it on the solar plexus chakra can assist in clearing blockages and recharging this vital energy center, leading to a surge in personal power and self-confidence.


Affirmations are powerful tools for reprogramming your subconscious mind. When coupled with citrine, they serve to greatly amplify your intentions. For instance, clasp a piece of citrine while affirming, “I am confident and successful in all my endeavors,” to align with citrine’s inherent properties of empowerment and success.


Setting intentions with citrine is akin to planting seeds for your desires. Whether you wish to attract money, attain mental clarity, or foster self-confidence, placing citrine on a written intention or simply focusing on it while holding the stone can help manifest those desires into reality.

Chakra Work

Citrine’s connection with the solar plexus chakra makes it an ideal tool for chakra balancing. Working with citrine on the solar plexus can lead to a balanced solar plexus chakra, enhancing your personal power and emotional stability.

Citrine and Other Chakras

While citrine is most notably linked with the solar plexus chakra, it also resonates with the sacral chakra and root chakra, amplifying its healing and balancing properties.

Together, a balanced solar plexus, sacral, and root chakra foster a sense of wholeness and wellness, aligning you with your highest self and potential. As a stone of manifestation and personal will, citrine not only enhances these individual chakras but also assists in maintaining the harmony between them.

Water Therapy

Infusing water with citrine’s energy is a unique way to utilize its healing properties. Placing a piece of citrine in a glass of water (make sure it’s a type that doesn’t erode) and letting it sit can create an elixir that, when consumed, imbues the body with citrine’s positive energy.


Gifting citrine can be a beautiful way to share its abundant energy with others. Whether a citrine bracelet or another form of citrine jewelry, it’s a thoughtful gesture that says, “I wish you success, joy, and positivity.”

Where to Place Citrine

In the Home

Citrine’s ability to attract abundance and positivity makes it an ideal addition to various spots within the home:

  • Wealth Corner: According to the feng shui bagua map, placing citrine in the wealth corner of your home can enhance financial prosperity.
  • Work Area: A citrine stone on your desk might inspire creativity and concentration.
  • Bedroom: As mentioned earlier, citrine near the bed can promote restful sleep or a piece of citrine for self-love and personal empowerment.


  • Car: Keeping citrine in the car can foster a sense of protection and positivity during travels.
  • Office: Citrine in the workplace can promote a harmonious environment and attract success.

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Combining Citrine with Other Crystals

Pairing citrine with other crystals can lead to enhanced effects:

  • Smoky Quartz: Combining citrine with smoky quartz can ground and amplify the intention of attracting abundance.
  • Rose Quartz: Using citrine and rose quartz together can promote self-love and confidence.
  • Green Aventurine: For prosperity and luck, the combination of citrine and green aventurine is quite powerful.

How to Use Citrine For Specific Purposes

Citrine’s remarkable energy isn’t just limited to general well-being; it plays a significant role in various specific applications that can be tailored to your personal needs and desires. Here’s a detailed look at how you can use this great crystal:

Boosting Confidence and Self-Esteem

A piece of citrine in hand, along with positive affirmations, can be a robust tool to increase feelings of self-worth and confidence. It’s not just a boost for the day; it’s a way to foster long-term self-love.

Fostering Creativity and Mental Clarity

Whether you’re an artist, writer, or any creative soul, placing citrine near your workspace or incorporating it into your creative rituals can spark fresh ideas and clear the mind. Think of it as a muse that never takes a day off.

Attracting Abundance, Prosperity, and Luck

Want to attract money and prosperity? Citrine’s known for its ability to increase financial flow. Place citrine in the wealth corner of your home and watch how it draws success and abundance towards you.

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Releasing Negative Patterns

We all have those destructive patterns that seem to hold us back. Working with citrine, especially focusing on the solar plexus chakra, helps clear these blockages, allowing you to break free and move forward.

Manifesting Goals

Have a dream you want to achieve? Program a piece of citrine with your intentions, meditate with it, and let it guide you to your desired outcome. It’s a perfect stone for making dreams a reality.


In a world filled with various forms of negative energy, carrying citrine or placing it near entrances creates a shield that guards you. It’s like having a loyal guardian always watching over you.

Overcoming Fear

Fearful thoughts can hinder our growth and happiness. By coupling citrine with strong affirmations, you can build courage and face those fears head-on. It’s about embracing life without being held back.

Citrine is an incredibly powerful crystal that provides numerous benefits, whether it’s employed for manifesting abundance, boosting creativity, or fostering self-love. The many ways to use citrine range from carrying it with you to programming it with intentions and combining it with other crystals. With its spiritual energy, citrine can assist you in breaking through blockages and achieving the goals and desires that are most important to you.

How to Choose Your Citrine Crystal

Look for What Resonates with You

Whether it’s natural citrine or heat treated, choosing the right citrine crystal means looking for what resonates with you personally. Trust your intuition and pick a stone that feels right.

Consider Your Intentions

If your goal is to attract money or foster self-confidence, consider a citrine stone that visually and energetically aligns with those intentions.

Be Mindful of Authenticity

Understand whether you’re choosing natural or treated citrine and what each might mean for your spiritual practice.

PurposeHow to Use CitrineBest Ways to Achieve
Boosting ConfidenceHold a piece of citrineAffirm positive intentions
Fostering CreativityPlace near the workplaceUse during creative activities
Attracting AbundancePlace in the wealth corner of your homePair with affirmations for attracting money
Releasing Negative PatternsWork on solar plexus chakraMeditate with clear intentions
Manifesting GoalsProgram with intentionsMeditate with citrine
ProtectionCarry or place near entrancesUse citrine with a few drops of protection oil
Overcoming FearCoupling with affirmationsUse with deep breaths and mindfulness

Caring for Your Citrine


Like many crystals, citrine can benefit from regular cleansing to clear away any negative energy. A few drops of salt water or placing it in the sunlight can renew its vibrancy. Just be sure to use gentle methods that align with citrine’s specific nature.

When you first bring your citrine home, it’s important to cleanse it in a way that resonates with you. This could include smudging, moonlight baths, or sound healing. After cleansing, setting an intention for the crystal is essential to ensure its energy is aligned with your desired outcome.

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Program Your Citrine

To further amplify citrine’s effectiveness, consider programming it with your intentions. Speak to the crystal and imagine its energy radiating within you. This process can be done in conjunction with affirmations and other visualization exercises for a powerful energetic shift.

Connecting with Your Citrine Regularly

Take time to reconnect with your citrine regularly — this can be done through meditation, holding it in your hands, or simply placing it somewhere near you. As with any relationship, the more you nurture it, the better it will serve you.


To keep your citrine crystal charged and energetic, place it on a clear quartz crystal cluster or allow it to bask in the sunlight. This helps maintain the connection with earth energy and ensures that it remains a powerful tool for your intentions.


Keep your citrine with other quartz crystals or in a special place in your home where the energy is positive and vibrant. Having a designated spot for your crystal collection ensures they remain energetically aligned and ready for use.

Conclusion: How To Use Citrine

Citrine is more than a beautiful gem; it’s a conduit for personal empowerment, attracting abundance, and fostering a natural connection with your energetic body. From its connection with the solar plexus and crown chakra to its ability to transmute negative emotions, citrine truly shines as a multifaceted success stone.

If you’re seeking a wonderful crystal to enhance your life in every aspect, citrine is the perfect stone. Whether it’s a simple piece of citrine you carry with you or an elaborate citrine grid you use for more advanced practices, the options are endless.

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