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Ruby and Moonstone Together

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you merged the fiery, unyielding energy of a ruby with the cool, tranquil vibe of moonstone? Like blending a sultry tango with a serene waltz, combining these two gemstones creates a unique, vibrant dance of energies that can seriously elevate your spiritual game. Hold onto your hats—or better yet, your crystals—because we’re diving headlong into this exciting, mystical journey of ruby and moonstone together!

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What is Ruby?


When it comes to rubies, think royalty, passion, and the quintessential fire of life. Often termed the “Stone of Nobility,” this gemstone has captivated humans since time immemorial. Not just in crown jewels or set next to blue sapphire in aristocratic collections, ruby has been a symbol of power and vitality across cultures and millennia.

Why It’s So Special for July Babies

Hey there, July babies! Your birthstone isn’t just striking; it’s pure magic. A ruby is believed to intensify your life force, making you more passionate and full of vitality. So the next time you’re in a jewelry store, you know what gem you should be reaching for!

Physical Characteristics

Imagine holding a piece of the setting sun, forever captured in a stone. The ruby’s red spectrum ranges from almost pink to a deep, blood red. This vibrant color palette is not only eye-catching but also highly symbolic, representing everything from love and passion to vitality and power.

The Mohs Hardness: Why It Matters
Hard as nails—or nearly! With a Mohs hardness of 9, rubies are incredibly resilient, outdone only by diamonds. This physical toughness makes ruby not just a gorgeous stone to adorn but also a protective stone that can last a lifetime.

Metaphysical Characteristics

So we’ve got a gem that’s beautiful and hard as a rock. But what about its metaphysical properties? How does it interact with your energies and your soul?

Igniting Your Inner Fire

A ruby is like that friend who pushes you to live your best life. It stimulates your root chakra, infusing you with the life force and energy needed to face any challenge. When paired with other gemstones like moonstone, it can work magic on your emotional balance too.

The Chakras and Ruby

As a stone strongly associated with the root chakra, ruby creates a strong foundation for your spiritual energies. This grounding effect can be highly compatible with the energies of other chakras, specifically the heart chakra, which is often targeted by gems like rose quartz.

What is Moonstone?


Moonstone is often referred to as the “Stone of New Beginnings,” and it’s not hard to see why. Have you ever looked at the moon and felt a sense of renewal or hope? Moonstone captures that essence, offering you a fresh perspective whenever you need it most. In mythology, moonstone is often associated with the goddess of the moon, offering gifts of insight and intuition.

The Glow in Folklore

Not only does moonstone have an ethereal glow, but it also glows in folklore. This gemstone has been said to possess the energy of the moon itself, encapsulating its phases and its mythological pull. Historically, it’s been linked with the goddess, adding another layer of mystical significance to this extraordinary stone.

Physical Characteristics

Moonstone’s beauty is almost otherworldly. Its sheen mimics the moon’s own luminescent glow. This lustrous play of color—often appearing in hues of blue and white—is why moonstone jewelry is so captivating. If you’re drawn to the moon and the calm it exudes, moonstone’s physical characteristics alone will make you fall in love.

A Soft Touch: Mohs Hardness

Unlike the hard-as-nails ruby, moonstone scores between 6 and 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. This makes it less resilient than many gemstones like diamonds or rubies, but still robust enough for daily wear.

Metaphysical Characteristics

As we dig into moonstone’s metaphysical realm, you’ll see how beautifully it complements ruby’s intense energy. While ruby stokes your internal fires, moonstone is like the gentle touch of the moon that cools and calms the spirit.

Nourishing Your Emotional Self

Moonstone doesn’t just work on a surface level; it digs deep to heal emotional wounds, bringing emotional balance into your life. When you wear it, especially close to your heart chakra, it acts like a spiritual balm.

The Chakra Embrace

Moonstone predominantly resonates with the crown and third-eye chakras, enabling intuitive insights and psychic protection. But guess what? It’s also known to harmonize well with the heart chakra, like a cosmic high-five to ruby’s root chakra energies.

Difference Between Ruby and Moonstone

If ruby is the fire in your soul, moonstone is the serenity of your mind. One is intense and grounding; the other is calming and uplifting. One is the epitome of the sun’s fierce energy, and the other embodies the peace of the moon. The poetic contrasts between these two are countless, but what’s astonishing is how they balance each other out like yin and yang. Each offers what the other lacks, making them a perfect combination for harmony and balance in your spiritual journey.

Which Crystals Might Not Work Well with Ruby?

The Competitive Spirit of Red Coral

Though ruby is incredibly versatile, it’s important to exercise caution when pairing it with Italian red coral. Both are fire-oriented and can be overpowering, especially when used for the same purpose. The competitive energies might make you feel more agitated than empowered.

When to Definitely Avoid Wearing Italian Red Coral with Ruby

If you’re looking to balance your energies or relieve stress, avoid wearing these two together. Their mutual intensity can disrupt the peace and harmony you’re aiming for.

Cat’s Eye: Tread Carefully

Cat’s Eye is a gem often associated with good fortune, but it can also bring about feelings of detachment. When paired with the intense grounding energy of ruby, the combination can feel like a push-and-pull that leaves you feeling a little unsettled.

Which Crystals Might Not Work Well with Moonstone?

When Opals and Moonstones Clash

Both moonstone and opal are sensitive stones that resonate with emotional balance. While they share some similarities, they each have unique ways of approaching emotional healing that might not sync well when worn together.

The Emotional Overwhelm

The delicate balance moonstone offers might get disrupted when combined with the volatile emotional energy of opals. You could end up feeling overwhelmed, as if you’ve tapped into too many emotional realms at once.

Too Much of a Good Thing: Pearls

Pearls are another gemstone that you might want to keep at arm’s length from your moonstone. While both are deeply connected to feminine energies, they can sometimes overload your emotional and psychic circuits. It’s like having too many tabs open on your computer—each is important, but together they slow down the system.

Can You Use Ruby and Moonstone Together?

Ruby and Moonstone Together
Ruby and Moonstone Together

Oh, you bet! Ruby and moonstone together can create an energy that is both grounding and uplifting, kind of like a spiritual espresso shot topped with a dollop of heavenly whipped cream. They complement each other beautifully, each making up for what the other lacks.

The Energetic Symbiosis

When you combine ruby’s life force with moonstone’s soothing energies, you achieve a balance that can only be described as cosmic harmony. This combination works to clear negative energies and enhance the positive aspects of both stones, offering a yin-and-yang type of balance.

Can You Wear Ruby and Moonstone Together?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could wear these cosmic companions on your body? Good news—you totally can! Wearing ruby and moonstone together is not only an excellent way to experience their energies in concert, but it also makes for some seriously stunning jewelry.

Fashion Meets Spirituality

Imagine a necklace with alternating ruby and moonstone beads, or a ring where a moonstone is flanked by smaller rubies. Combining these two in jewelry isn’t just a stylistic choice; it’s a powerful spiritual tool. Remember, though, that moonstone is softer and could get scratched by ruby if they’re not set correctly, so make sure to purchase from reputable jewelers who understand both the physical and metaphysical properties of these gems.

Why Wearing Them Close to the Heart is a Game-Changer

Wearing these stones close to your heart chakra can yield powerful emotional and spiritual benefits. Ruby’s grounding energies will be closer to your emotional core, while moonstone’s calming influence will be more effective. And let’s not forget how good ruby and moonstone together can look as a heart chakra-centered piece!

Benefits of Using Ruby and Moonstone Together

Amplifying Emotional Balance

The balance of fire and water, sun and moon, grounding and uplifting—when you combine ruby and moonstone, you get a synergistic energy that is powerful. This can be particularly helpful for emotional balance. Whether you’re healing from emotional wounds or just looking to feel more stable, this is a pairing you won’t want to miss.

Supercharging Your Intuition and Psychic Protection

Moonstone is all about enhancing your intuition, while ruby keeps you grounded, making sure you don’t float off into the ether. Together, they create a fortified spiritual sanctuary around you, offering psychic protection.

Good Fortune and New Beginnings

Why rely only on cat’s eye for good fortune when you can pair ruby’s life force and moonstone’s promise of new beginnings? You’ll be like a magnet for prosperity and fresh starts.

Are There Any Downsides to Using Ruby and Moonstone Together?

Before you jump headfirst into this beautiful pairing, it’s wise to be aware of any potential hiccups.

Amplification of Negative Energies

While the combination of ruby and moonstone works magic in balancing energies, there’s also a small chance that they could amplify any negative energy lurking in your aura. Always be mindful of your emotional state when wearing or working with these two gemstones.

Caution During Emotional Turmoil

If you’re going through a particularly rough patch, consider taking a break from this combination. Remember, each stone has powerful energies of its own, and you don’t want to unintentionally amplify your emotional wounds.

How to Use Ruby and Moonstone Together

So, you’ve decided that you’re all in, and now you’re wondering, “How do I actually use these dazzling rocks?” Let me guide you through it.

Place Them in Your Living Spaces

Decorate your living room or workspace with these stones to invite both grounding and calming energies. Imagine a lovely crystal grid with a ruby at its center, flanked by pieces of moonstone and perhaps a blue sapphire or two for that extra oomph.

Meditate with Them

Hold a piece of ruby in one hand and moonstone in the other during your meditation sessions. Feel the interplay between their energies as you dive deeper into a peaceful trance.

Tips for Meditation

To make it even more special, try doing this under the full moon to tap into that lunar magic. Trust me, you’ll feel like a goddess channeling celestial vibes.

Other Great Pairings for Ruby and Moonstone

Got room in your heart (or on your jewelry) for more? Here are other gems you can consider.

Pair Ruby with Emeralds for Heartfelt Passion

Emeralds and rubies? Oh, it’s a match made in gemstone heaven. While ruby brings in the passion, emerald introduces a calming, loving energy that’s perfect for matters of the heart.

Add Pearls to Moonstone for a Moon Goddess Vibe

If you’re ready to dial down the emotional intensity a notch, consider adding pearls to your moonstone collection. Just be cautious to not overload your emotional circuits, as mentioned earlier.

Conclusion: Ruby and Moonstone Together – A Symphony of Energies

Ruby and moonstone together create an almost magical blend of energies that can benefit you in numerous ways—from emotional balance to spiritual enlightenment. So, the next time you’re pondering over what gems to adorn yourself with, why not choose this stunning duo? Whether you wear them close to your heart or place them strategically around your home, the energies of ruby and moonstone are sure to bring a little extra magic into your life.

Looking to expand your collection? Don’t forget to purchase these gemstones from reputable sellers to ensure you’re getting the real deal. And remember, as with all crystals and gems, it’s essential to cleanse them regularly to keep their energies pure and potent.

It’s more than just a random combination; it’s a partnership, a dance of energies, each stone enhancing the other’s strengths and compensating for its weaknesses. It’s like cosmic poetry, don’t you think? So go ahead, let these gemstones sing their beautiful song in your life. You won’t regret it.

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