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Wearing Citrine

For ages, crystals have been revered for their mystical, restorative, and healing virtues. These chunks of mineral are not only exquisite but possess an intense energy that can be channeled to keep us healthy, balanced, and motivated. Among several crystals that stand out, citrine takes the crown. The sparkling, warm color of citrine crystal is said to cleanse negative energy, protect against stress and boost inner peace. But did you know that wearing citrine as jewelry can double its potency? In this article, we’ll explore the beauty and benefits of wearing citrine, aimed explicitly at crystal enthusiasts.

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Benefits of Wearing Citrine

Have you ever felt an instant mood uplift upon stepping into the sun after days of gloomy weather? Citrine can emulate that. The very essence of this crystal captures the solar quality and warmth, promoting a burst of positive energy and vitality.

Emotional Healing:

Citrine is known to be a powerful crystal for emotional healing and transformation. Its warm, sunny energy can dissolve negative energy, replace despair and low self-esteem with a positive attitude and boost feelings of self-worth. When you wear citrine, you’ll feel empowered to overcome any obstacles or struggles that come your way.

Enhancing Prosperity and Abundance:

Citrine has long been referred to as the ‘merchant’s stone’, and for good reason – it’s believed to attract abundance and prosperity. If you’re looking to boost your financial prospects or manifest wealth, wearing a piece of citrine can be a powerful symbol and magnet for abundance. Whether you’re starting a new business venture or simply looking to improve your financial situation, citrine can help open up new doors and opportunities.

Boosting Self-confidence and Creativity:

For those in artistic or innovative fields, citrine can be a beacon of inspiration. Its creative properties are closely linked to boosting one’s self-confidence and artistic vision. When you wear citrine, you’ll feel more confident in your abilities and more connected to your creative flow. Whether you’re a writer, musician, or visual artist, citrine can help unleash your inner artist and bring your visions to life.

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Wearing citrine
Wearing citrine

History and Significance of Citrine

Before we delve deeper into wearing citrine crystal jewelry, let’s take a brief journey back in time. The citrine gemstone, belonging to the quartz family, has been cherished for thousands of years. Its name comes from the French word for lemon, ‘citron’, likely due to its pale yellow hue resembling citrus fruits.

Ancient cultures have used this precious stone for its purported healing properties and as a protective talisman against negative energies. It was also a favorite among merchants, not just for its beauty, but for its ability to attract wealth—hence, the moniker ‘merchant’s stone’.

Is Citrine a Good Crystal to Wear?

Given its rich history and the myriad of benefits it offers, citrine surely stands out in the world of healing gemstones. But let’s break down what makes it a particularly good crystal to have in your jewelry collection:

Physical Properties:

Most citrine stones are heat treated amethysts, which means they share some of the same quartz crystal structure. However, natural citrine, a rare gem, has its own unique warmth and beauty, distinct from its heat treated siblings.

Energetic Properties:

Beyond its physical allure, citrine is revered for its powerful energetic properties. Linked with the solar plexus chakra, this stone is all about personal power, self-assurance, and mental clarity. It’s like wearing a drop of sunlight, constantly recharging you with its solar energy.

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Can Citrine Be Worn By Anyone?

Absolutely! The universal energy of citrine makes it suitable for almost anyone. Regardless of age, zodiac sign, or background, the benefits of wearing citrine jewelry can be experienced by all. However, it’s always recommended to listen to your intuition. Each person’s energy might resonate differently with crystals, so if you feel drawn to citrine, it might be the universe’s way of saying it’s the stone for you. Citrine also acts differently depending on your zodiac sign.

What to Do Before Wearing Citrine

To maximize the effects of this great crystal, there are a few preparatory steps you might want to take:


Before you begin wearing citrine, especially if it’s a newly acquired piece, it’s important to cleanse it. This ensures that any negative energies or previous attachments are removed. Some prefer the smudging method using sage, while others might leave the stone under moonlight or use other crystals like smoky quartz for purification.

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This might sound a bit woo-woo, but think of it as forming a bond with your citrine. Hold it in your hand, meditate with it, and let your energies align.

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Set Intention:

Lastly, before wearing citrine (or any crystal, really), setting a personal intention can be a game-changer. This could be anything from wanting to attract abundance, seeking mental clarity, or simply wishing for a day filled with positive energies. This step ensures that you and your citrine are working in harmony towards a shared goal.

How to Wear Citrine

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to wearing citrine. Whether you opt for a citrine bracelet, citrine ring, or any other piece of citrine jewelry, it’s essential that it feels right for you.

Jewelry Options:

From citrine bracelets that can be worn on your left hand (believed to be the receiving side for energy) to stunning citrine rings that can adorn your index finger, the options are plentiful. You might even find a citrine necklace that sits close to the solar plexus, amplifying its effects.

Raw vs. Polished Stones:

While polished citrine jewelry is popular and looks incredibly elegant, raw citrine can be just as powerful. It’s like holding a piece of the earth element, unrefined and potent.

Where Should You Wear Citrine?

As with most crystals, the proximity of citrine to certain chakras can amplify its healing properties. Wearing citrine close to the solar plexus chakra, for instance, can bolster feelings of self-worth and personal power.

However, wearing a citrine bracelet on your left hand or any other piece of citrine jewelry can also be effective, as the energy of the crystal communicates with your entire energetic field.

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Which Zodiac Sign Should Wear Citrine?

While citrine’s warm energy can benefit everyone, it’s especially powerful for those born under certain zodiac signs. The planet Jupiter governs citrine, making it particularly resonant with:


As the archer, you’re constantly seeking out truths, and citrine can help bolster your confidence on that journey. Plus, the solar quality of this crystal will undoubtedly resonate with your fiery nature.


Leo, with your natural sunny disposition, wearing citrine is like having your personal power source, amplifying your charisma and leadership qualities.


For the ever-energetic ram, citrine offers a steady stream of vitality and can help bring mental clarity to your endeavors.

However, no matter your sign, if you feel drawn to citrine, it’s a sign (pun intended) that it’s meant for you.

Who Should Not Wear Citrine?

In the vast realm of crystals, citrine stands out as a gentle and universally positive stone. However, if you find yourself feeling overly energetic, anxious, or restless after wearing citrine, it might be wise to give it a break. Some people might find its energy a tad too stimulating, especially if they’re already in a heightened state. Remember, it’s all about balance.

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FAQs: Daily Care and Considerations

When adding citrine jewelry to your daily ensemble, there are some key things to keep in mind:

Can You Wear Citrine Every Day?

Yes, wearing citrine daily can keep its positive energy close, helping fend off negative thoughts. But, as with anything, occasionally giving it a rest can help both you and the crystal recharge.

Which Day is Best to Wear Citrine?

Thursday, ruled by the powerful planet Jupiter, is considered especially auspicious for starting to wear citrine. But honestly, any day you feel like infusing with positive energy is a great day for citrine.

What Time Should I Wear Citrine?

Morning, when the sun is rising, is a splendid time to don your citrine bracelet or ring. It aligns with the crystal’s solar nature, setting a positive tone for the rest of the day.

Can You Sleep with Citrine On?

While some love the dreamy vibes citrine brings to their slumber, others might find it a tad energizing. Try it out, and trust your intuition.

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Can You Shower with Citrine On?

While citrine is relatively durable, frequent exposure to water, especially hot water, might affect its luster. It’s best to keep your citrine jewelry off during your shower.

Can You Swim with Citrine?

Chlorine in pools or the salt in seawater might not be the best friends for your citrine bracelet. Better to leave it safe and dry.

Can You Put Citrine in Your Bra?

Sure, if that feels right! Placing citrine close to your heart or solar plexus can amplify its effects. Plus, it’s a discreet way to carry its energy if you aren’t into wearing jewelry.

Pairing Citrine with Other Crystals

Citrine plays well with others! Consider pairing it with:

Smoky Quartz:

This grounding stone can balance citrine’s high energy, creating a harmonious vibe.

Rose Quartz:

For a dose of love and warmth, this combo is like a sunny day with a gentle breeze. Perfect for heart healing.


Being from the same quartz family, these two complement each other beautifully, enhancing spiritual clarity and bringing a sense of peace.

Tiger’s Eye:

To boost self confidence and prosperity, wear citrine and tiger’s eye together.

Conclusion: Wearing Citrine

Citrine remains a charming, powerful crystal that can help transform our lives for the better. Whether you’re drawn to its sunny yellow hue, its associations with confidence and good fortune, or its supposed ability to cleanse one’s energy field, wearing citrine can help enhance the benefits of this captivating stone. We hope this guide has given you valuable insights into how to use citrine to your benefit and show off the beauty of this exceptional gemstone.

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